EDSA Solutions team delivers software solutions for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process and related industry. We represent some of the industry-leading software tools which include COADE Inc., Sunrise, Paulin Research Group, HTRI and Graitec

   And we also delivers highly informative technical seminar tailored-made for the Piping Engineering and Plant Design Industry. We strive to    make " Good Engineers Great Engineers"  

PIPENET Transient Module provides a rapid means of in-house rigorous transient analysis and pinpoints problem areas and potential solutions. more


PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler Module is excellent for hydraulic analysis of firewater systems in compliance with NFPA13, NFPA15 and NFPA16 rules. This addresses the hydraulic analysis requirements of virtually all national and international standards. Ideal for the design of systems used in critical applications such as offshore platforms, FPSO’s, petrochemical plants, power plants, refineries, ships, and airport hangers. more                   

PIPENET Standard Module  is the perfect tool for solving general flow problems with liquids, gases or steam – in pipe and duct networks – cooling water systems, steam distribution systems, HVAC systems. more

HTRI is the global leader in process heat transfer and heat exchanger technology. Founded in 1962, our industrial research and development consortium serves the engineering needs of nearly 1000 corporate member sites.

HTRI methods and software—based on extensive research data collected on industrial-sized heat transfer equipment—have remained the industry standard for nearly 50 years. Our research is ongoing and unparalleled. As we obtain and analyze new data on shell-and-tube and non-tubular heat exchangers, air coolers, heat recovery bundles, and fired heaters, we update our methods and incorporate them into the next version of our software. more

PAULIN RESEARCH GROUP  is one of the world's leading engineering software companies for Finite Element design and analysis. PRG is known for its world-class technical support, comprehensive and flexible products and continuing software development and integration.  It also offer a variety of analytical and test-related consulting services. more
  Software for Structural Engineering and Construction  

       For more than 20 years, GRAITEC has provided to over 30.000 worldwide users high performance CAD and engineering software for structural building construction with a continued commitment to exceed the industry's creative design and quality requirements.
       Our solutions are specifically developed to facilitate data exchange between construction design, engineering and building professionals for faster, smarter and more effective communication. more

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  New Partnership between EDSA and HTRI  
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