Piping Engineer and Piping Designer from Thailand

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Thai Piping Engineers and Piping Designers become the good technician.A lot of them are travel around the world to build Refinery , Petrochemical Plant etc .

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Piping Job

There are more than 10 company seeking piping engineer and piping designer in Thailand .


Piping Gallary

There are a lot of thai piping people go to working around the world. You are the next.


Piping Chat Real Time

We can talk to each other over the internet. Talk to other people who are interested in piping topics.

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Piping Knowledge


There are many article about Piping engineering writen by Piya Kittitanesuan (webmaster).The objective is to provide the knowledge to young piping engineer and designer. read more

Piping Online Program


This online calculation program is very useful for owner engineer. We are able to re-check the calculation from the contractor engineer. Pipe wall thickness calculation base on ASME code. Branch reinforcement and more program. Check it

Piping References


There are many references about piping engineering. Pipe table, Pipe span Chart, Support design guideline, General check list form. Coefficient of expansion etc... read more

Piping Catalogues

Learn more Piping Catalogue

Piping Catalogues from vendor will help you learn more piping material.

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None Piping Knowledge

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Learning more other knowledge such as process ,instrument and civil topic.

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