Piping Knowledge by Piya Kittitanesuan

Currently, Piya is a piping engineer working in Thailand. He joined piping world since December 1995. He have been creating this website since year 2000 for transfer his piping knowledge to young piping engineer. He spent time on holiday for do this hobby job.

He very thank you to Foster Wheeler,Toyo-Thai,NKK,Pro-En,Chevron and Poyry to give him a knowledge and a chance to join the piping engineering world.

The following article had been writen to recognise my piping stress engineer Teacher. John M. Nedovich. I can not say "Thank you" enough for what you have given me.
Piya Kittitanesuan, Bangkok, Thailand

Piping Stress Analysis


Over 12 year experiences in Piping stress analysis. Piya will teach you a basic knowledge in pipe stress through the normal practice in piping stress analysis. read more

Pipe Support Design


This course will help the designer to get more knowledge to design pipe support Coming Soon

Piping Design


Begin this course with Plant Layout,Equipment Layout and Piping Design Issued later

Pipe Material Specification


This column will teach you how we do piping material specification. Issued later

Piping Software


This topic will focus on the most popular piping stress analysis software package.Piya will teach you how to use CAESAR II and Autopipe with the correct input model. Issued later


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